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Quiz & Worksheet Goals · Where the Constitutional Convention met and who led it · Details of the Virginia Plan · Details of the Great Compromise · Details of
the 3/​5 …. Small states felt they had power and the. Southern states got some of their slave population counted. Page 4. Great Compromise Worksheet.. students that they will learn about compromises delegates to the Constitutional. Convention made … Fillable PDF handouts are available … The
plan is sometimes called the Connecticut Compromise, but it is most often referred to as the Great..
Hook: The Great Candy Compromise.
All students will be given 1 piece of … Text of the Constitution. Constitutional Compromises Worksheet (teacher adapted) …. by TF Compromise — New Jersey Plan: Northern States: Southern States. Northern States. Southern States: Great Compromise. Three-Fifths Compromise. Slave Trade & Commerce.. The Great Compromise, Three-Fifths Compromise, and the Dark Bargain. The Jersey Plan. Proposed by William Patterson. One-House Legislature like the “Aof​ …. The Great Compromise was the pivotal breakthrough of the 1787 Constitutional Convention.
Originally formed to revise the weak Articles
of Confederation, the …. The chart below shows key features of the Virginia and New Jersey plans. It also shows how the Great. Compromise
incorporated parts
of each plan. Directions: …. The Great Compromise called for a bicameral Congress. The first house was to be called the House of Representatives, with representatives elected by the people …. The Virginia Plan proposed instead a legislative branch consisting of two chambers. (bicameral legislature), in each of which the states would be represented in …. Alexander Hamilton (p. 197). Virginia Plan (p. 199). New Jersey Plan (p. 199). Great Compromise (p. 200). Three-Fifths Compromise (p. 201). Reading Strategy​.. The U.S. Constitution Worksheet. 1. VIRGINIA PLAN. THE GREAT COMPROMISE NEW JERSEY PLAN. Large States Plan | Bicameral or 2 House Small States …. … the US Census.
5th grade inquiry: The Great Compromise … Great Compromise was chosen. …
students in each group working together on each worksheet.. o The Great Compromise – Graphic Organizer (with answer key) o The Three-​Fifths … Describe the Virginia Plan, New Jersey Plan, and the Great Compromise. 420b4ec2cf

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